British cheese brand Applewood Cheese is urging customers to go dairy-free on Fridays to fight climate change. While the brand made only dairy-based cheese for more than 56 years, Applewood partnered with vegan brand VBites to launch its first vegan cheese line, Applewood Vegan, which will be available at Asda stores on September 23 across the United Kingdom. “We are establishing ‘Flexi Friday’ 10 years after the start of Meat Free Monday because much has changed in those 10 years, principally climate change,” Applewood Senior Brand Manager Lisa Harrison said. “Because of that crisis it is no longer enough for us to follow a climate-friendly diet on just one day a week, we need the option of this second day now.” Applewood has set up a new website with tips and recipes to help customers reduce their consumption of animal products and will reach out to some of Britain’s most influential leaders to promote its Flexi Friday campaign. “We are sending ‘first editions’ of Applewood Vegan to Boris Johnson, Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and the Duchess of Sussex in the hope that they may join us [in] taking a lead in promoting climate-friendly eating,” Harrison said.