This week, Ohio-based chain Hot Chicken Takeover (HCT) introduced vegan “Not Chicken” to all three of its locations. The new seitan-based option can be ordered as a main or in the form of a sandwich which features the Not Chicken patty coated in a signature cayenne rub, four slices of bread, and pickles on top. “Inclusivity has been a core value of Hot Chicken Takeover from the beginning, especially in regards to our employment practice,” HCT Founder and CEO Joe DeLoss said. “As we grow and build our business further, we want to extend that inclusivity to our guests, ensuring that all are truly welcomed at our tables. This new addition to our menu is a very meaningful step forward for our company.” Customers can also request various levels of heat on the Not Chicken option: cold, warm, hot, and holy—the latter described as “#&@*%?!” on the menu. Because all meals at HCT come with two sides, the restaurant added two new vegan options: baked beans and Ma’s Slaw, a vinegar-based coleslaw. Last week, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) added vegan Beyond Fried Chicken to the menu of one test location in Atlanta, GA—which sold out of its entire stock of the vegan option in approximately five hours.