Antoni Porowski—the food and wine expert on hit Netflix series Queer Eye—recently partnered with food company Country Crock to pomote its plant-based butter line. As part of the campaign, Porowski will work with “butter lovers” to show them that cooking with Country Crock’s vegan butter does not sacrifice the flavor of a dish. “It is no surprise that I’m a huge butter lover,” Porowski said in a promotional video. “But I recently found out about Country Crock plant-based butter. I have to say, it tastes just like dairy butter and it’s great for cooking and baking.” Known for its margarine, Country Crock debuted its vegan butter line earlier this year at retailers nationwide. “We believe that plant-based eating has a positive impact on health and on the environment, and that plant-based food products should taste delicious,” Brian Orlando, Chief Marketing Officer for Upfield North America, the makers of Country Crock, said. “That’s why we set out to make a dairy-free butter that home cooks, chefs, and bakers could cook, bake, and spread with just like butter. We created a truly breakthrough product and have been so excited to see the response when people try it.” Country Crock’s Plant Butter with Olive Oil, Plant Butter with Almond Oil, and Plant Butter with Avocado Oil are available in buttery sticks, with the almond oil and olive oil varieties also available in tub formats.