Meat consumption in Belgium has sharply declined in the last decade, with Belgians currently eating 10 kg (22.2 pounds) less meat per capita annually than they did in 2010, according to Belgian statistical office Statbel. While in 2010, Belgians consumed 82.4 kg (181.7 pounds) of meat per capita, new statistics show an 8.8 percent decline in the last ten years to 72.2 kg (159.2 pounds) per person annually. Beef has seen the biggest decline in consumption (19.5 percent), with poultry (13.6 percent) coming in as a close second. Factors for Belgium’s declining meat consumption include concerns surrounding the environment and animal welfare, along with an aging population (which tends to consume less meat). Despite the decline, Belgium has not decreased its meat production as it exports its meat to Europe, where consumption remains high. However, according to local newspaper De Standaard, a European Commission group predicts that Belgium’s meat production will slow as other Europeans also begin to consume less meat due to climate concerns.