Starting January 22, Cadbury-style vegan crème eggs will be available at United Kingdom retailer Holland & Barrett ahead of the Easter holiday. The new treats—which feature a dark chocolate shell filled with white and yellow fondant—are made by vegan brand Mummy Meagz, founded by coffee shop owner Meagan Boyle. “In a world full of inequalities, I believe that nobody’s sweet tooth should have to suffer due to dietary and lifestyle choices, or food allergies,” Boyle said. “That’s why I made the Chuckie Egg. Its gooey center will delight lovers of crème eggs, including those who choose vegan products for the environment and animals, and those who avoid dairy for health.” In addition to the Chuckie Egg, Mummy Meagz sells vegan rocky road candy bars in Classic, Orange, Minty, and Cornish flavors.