This month, ethical coconut water brand Harmless Harvest will launch its first vegan yogurt line exclusively at Whole Foods Markets for 90 days. The line is made through a proprietary process of blending young Thai coconut meat chunks into a purée and adding vegan cultures to create coconut-based yogurt that does not taste strongly of coconut, which is a departure from the process of most brands which use prepared coconut milk or cream as a base. “When I took over the business, what struck me was that we had amazing coconut water, but we didn’t have that much of an innovation pipeline,” Harmless Harvest CEO Ben Mand, who joined the team in June 2018, told Foodnavigator-USA. “We were buying these coconuts for their water and I felt we should be scooping the meat and making it into purées that could be used in yogurt and other plant-based offerings.” Harmless Harvest’s new yogurts will be available in plain, vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry flavors. 

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