Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is convinced that vegan meat is the food of the future. Earlier this month, Stewart appeared in a commercial for Subway as it announced the expansion of the meatless Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub sandwich across its locations in Canada. “I don’t think it’s a curiosity. I think it is a definite move toward the future,” Stewart said about the growing plant-based meat industry. “I think more and more of us are understanding about pollution. I think more and more of us are understanding that if we became a less meat-consuming people, we would be better off. And many studies are pointing out the fact that this is a more healthy way to live.” During her Christmas party this year, Stewart secretly served guests meatballs made with Beyond Meat. “I didn’t say anything. I just did it—little meatball tidbits—and I didn’t say a thing,” Stewart said. “And not one person knew anything, other than they were eating a tasty meatball.” While Stewart admitted she still infrequently consumes meat, she commended Subway for its new Beyond Meat sandwich option. “More and more and more people are shifting their eating habits and really want to get away from big meat consumption,” Stewart said. “[Subway is] responding to the requests of the public for more vegetable-based foods. That is excellent.” In September, Subway began testing the Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub (ordered vegan without cheese and on vegan bread such as the Italian) at 685 locations in the United States and Canada. While the sandwich chain has yet to announce the expansion of the meatless option to all US locations, Subway added a similar sandwich—served vegan as-is, complete with vegan cheese—to its United Kingdom locations on January 2.

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