In February, snack brand Beanfields will debut Vegan Cracklins at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. A vegan take on pork rinds, the new snack is the brand’s first product outside of the chip category and will be available in two flavors: Spicy Nacho and Chile Limón. The company previewed the new products at trade show Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this weekend where CEO Arnulfo Ventura explained he plans to expand the vegan bean-based chip brand to include more snack options, starting with a vegan version of his childhood favorite. “I realized, there was an addressable space here and I don’t think anyone has done it the way we can, without compromising,” Ventura told Nosh. “Ultimately the data shows that whether it’s at some of the largest natural retailers in the country or at other markets, the fastest growing sub-segment within salty snacks is pork rinds.” In coming months, Beanfields will add three new flavors to its Cracklins before expanding to additional retailers.