United Kingdom-based organization Vevolution is now taking applications from startups around the world for its Pitch & Plant 2020 virtual event on December 10. The event will bring together startups working on innovative plant-based and animal-free solutions and a group of investors—who have previously invested in companies such as Impossible Foods, Huera, and THIS—who have committed a minimum of £20,000 ($25,695) for a total of £100,000 ($128,440). The competition is open to startups in a variety of industries, including food, fashion, cellular agriculture, and cellular aquaculture. 

“Pitch & Plant 2020 is our first global investment competition and we are proud to have partnered with such a great group of investors who are responsible for backing some of the plant-based startup movement’s biggest success stories,” Vevolution founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel said in a joint statement. “We are excited that all the startups who apply this year will go onto the BETA of the new Vevolution platform and will be seen by investors from all across the globe. Hopefully Pitch & Plant will lead to many businesses finding the community support and investment they need to reach their business goals and positively change the world.” 

Vevolution has been supporting the funding of new startups for four years and this year’s competition will be the first time the organization unveils a technology platform created by Michiel van Deursen—a prominent investor and Vevolution partner who is participating in Pitch & Plant this year. “Pitch & Plant 2020 is the first glance of the new Vevolution platform we are building to help fund and support great startups,” van Deursen said. “I am delighted to be a partner in Vevolution and excited to co-invest alongside my fellow Pitch & Plant competition investors and many of the new investors who join the new Vevolution platform designed to connect great investors with startups.”

Interested startups can apply to participate through Vevolution’s website until November 8.

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