Vegan ice cream brand Deux Cochons recently launched in Bordeaux, France. Created by former San Franciscans Sylvia Polanski and Marlon Hauser, Deux Cochons is made from a base of cashew milk, farro milk, cocoa butter, and vanilla, and is available in flavors such as Armagnac Salted Caramel, Candied Mint Chocolate Chip, Golden Milk, Strawberry, and Cafe Espresso. The brand also recently launched an oatmeal and raisin ice cream sandwich, filled with its own salted caramel ice cream. 

“During the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown here in France, we had a lot of time on our hands like everyone else. And so born out of that time, combining my pastry chef and my husband’s mixology backgrounds, we set out on the delicious task of experimenting and creating Deux Cochons ice cream,” Polanski told VegNews. “Also, we wanted to make a great vegan ice cream that wasn’t just exclusive to vegans; we wanted it to be for everyone.”

Polanski and Hauser have sold Deux Cochons ice cream at local Bordeaux summer markets as well as local Mexican restaurant El Taco Del Diablo, in addition to offering home delivery in Bordeaux center. In the coming weeks, the couple will expand to online sales for retailers and individual customers in France and expand throughout Europe beginning next year. They hope to eventually expand to major supermarkets in France and Europe.

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