California-based organic vegan brand Forager Project recently added messaging on the packaging on its milks, yogurts, and kefirs to encourage Americans to vote on November 3. The effort is part of the brand’s wider campaign to foster a healthy democracy through voter participation, which involves print and social media advertisements. On November 3, Forager Project is giving its employees paid time off from work to vote. 

“Democracy doesn’t work unless we have active involvement,” Forager Project CEO and Co-founder Stephen Williamson said. “Voting is the basis of democracy and helps ensure it is healthy. As a smaller company, Forager Project is excited to help plant seeds for people to participate, and we want to inspire and invite everyone to vote and forage together for a better future.”

Founded in 2013, the family-owned business produces a variety of dairy alternatives, including cashew-based probiotic yogurts, milks, creamers, butter, and sour cream, along with chips and cereals. In June, the company donated $350,000 in product to food banks to help relieve hunger during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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