New high-tech vegan ice cream brand Brave Robot has launched a “Vote for the Future” ice cream pack in time for the 2020 United States election season, with all proceeds going toward supporting youth STEM education. The “emotional support” pack ($58) includes four pints of ice cream in Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk, A Lot of Chocolate, and a new limited-edition Vote for the Future flavor featuring vanilla ice cream with fudge caramel swirls and crunchy shortbread cookie chunks on top. Brave Robot uses a new animal-free whey protein made by Silicon Valley startup Perfect Day instead of cashews or coconut to create its dairy-identical vegan ice cream. With the pack, Brave Robot will send customers two packages leading up to election day on November 3: the four-pack of pints as well as a series of “get out to vote for the future” stickers and swag, along with tips, conversation topics, and facts to support the smarter, kinder world the company’s team hopes can come through voting.

“Elections are stressful, so we want to provide a little sweet relief to consumers, while also encouraging them to vote for the future in this moment, where validity of the climate crisis has been called into question,” Jon Spear, Brave Robot Vice President of Marketing, told VegNews. “We believe that with a belief in science, solving the climate crisis is possible, which is why we are donating all proceeds to support youth STEM education.”

The company has also been on the road with a “Taste the Future” tour throughout Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, where it is stopping at high-traffic areas and polling locations to give out free samples of the limited-edition flavor and spread awareness of the importance of voting for science for a better future.

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