Global fast-food chain Burger King recently expanded the meatless Impossible Whopper to its franchise locations in Trinidad and Tobago. The Impossible Whopper features a flame-grilled Impossible Burger patty topped with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and onions on a toasted sesame-seed bun—and can be ordered plant-based without the mayonnaise. Burger King first launched the Impossible Whopper at all of its United States locations in August 2019 and has since added similar meatless options (such as the Rebel Whopper in Brazil) to other regions worldwide. 

“The Impossible Whopper was launched in the US and Canada in 2019, and was extremely popular. We’ve had customers since that time, asking us to make it available locally—we’ve listened,” Sue-Ann Solomon, Burger King Trinidad and Tobago franchise brand manager, said. “The Impossible Whopper is just like the classic Whopper, but it’s made with an Impossible patty which cooks, tastes, and smells just like beef but it’s made entirely from plants. So, it’s a twist on the same sandwich, but it’s just as good; it’s 100 percent Whopper, zero percent beef.”

As is true for Burger King locations in other parts of the world, Solomon notes that the Impossible Whopper is not considered vegan-friendly as it is cooked on the same surfaces as animal products. “We are the ‘Home of the Whopper,’ and so it now offers non-meat eaters the opportunity to enjoy a Whopper. It’s flame-grilled and prepared just like our classic Whopper,” Solomon said. “Meat-eaters will probably want to try it as a sort of a challenge. They may want to see if they can taste the difference between the classic and the Impossible Whopper.”

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