This week, vegan influencer Tabitha Brown appeared on an episode of Steve on Watch, a web series hosted by comedian Steve Harvey. Harvey invited Brown—his “new best friend”—on the show to help fans prepare vegan holiday recipes and chat about her meteoric rise to fame on TikTok where she currently has four million followers. Brown explained that her journey to veganism began after watching the documentary What the Health? and that she ditched animal products after suffering from crippling illness. “You are a gifted personality … and what you’re doing is innately you, you don’t even have to act. Like the kids say on TikTok, your voice is like a hug. You’re the aunt and mother they never had,” Harvey said before moving on to the cooking portion of the show. 

Brown showed Harvey—and three of her fans who were looped into the show—how to prepare a vegan meatloaf using a meat alternative, bell peppers, onions, seasoning, and a ketchup-based topping. While Brown and the fans prepared the meatloaf, Harvey made himself a vegan salad and revealed that he hired a professional vegan chef in Atlanta to cook Brown’s meatloaf and mac and cheese for him. “This is fabulous,” Harvey said holding the prepared meal. “If this is what vegan meatloaf tastes like,” Harvey said after taking a taste, “See, I can eat this.” As for the mac and cheese—which Brown makes with butternut squash—Harvey was convinced that it was dairy-based. “This is really good,” Harvey said. 

Last month, Brown helped actress Laverne Cox overcome her fear of cooking by walking the Orange is the New Black star through a recipe for air-fried okra and a one-skillet Beyond Sausage entrée. 

This month, Brown’s own show, All Love, released its first episode on the Ellen Digital Network, a digital media platform operated by Ellen Digital Ventures—a collaboration between television personality Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros’ Digital Networks.

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