British company Flaming Crap recently released the “2020 Scent” candle, a vegan candle inspired by this tumultuous year. The layered candle features scents that evoke various memories from the year, such as binge-watching Tiger King, the banana bread-baking craze, and embarking on do-it-yourself projects during the pandemic. The candle is made from vegan kerasoy (as opposed to beeswax), is wrapped in recycled paper labels, and has a burn time of 30 hours allowing users to enjoy 7.5 hours of each 2020-inspired scent. 

“With four fragrant layers, this candle takes you on a sensual journey through the year,” Flaming Crap describes the candle. “Featuring subtle scents of banana bread, hand sanitizer, DIY, and wood musks, alongside budget aftershave and an earthy essence, that 2020’s TV icon—Joe Exotic from Tiger King—would use to attract his next mate.” 

The candle is available for pre-order for £14.99 ($19.50) and the company—a small home business that started in 2020—ships internationally.

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