Restaurant review platform Yelp recently named vegan sushi restaurant Chikyū the number one place to eat in Las Vegas. The upscale Japanese restaurant opened earlier this year for pick-up only and recently opened its dining room for eat-in service. Chikyū offers dishes such as gyoza, stuffed yuba, sauteed mushroom tosazu, vegetable tempura, asparagus nigiri, hosomaki and uramaki rolls, as well as specialty rolls such as the Sunway (tempura fried sweet potato, creamy tofu, and avocado roll topped with mango, tomato, yuzu, shisho, and kabayaki drizzle) and Monkeyflower (smoked beets, cashews, sweet mustard, and orange zest on top of creamy tofu, asparagus, and avocado). 

In addition to Chikyū, Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat in Las Vegas included six other vegan restaurants: POTs (#5), Soy Mexican Veggie (#14), Tacotarian (#20), NoButcher (#32), Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant (#39), and Garden Grill (#46). Yelp ranked the Top 50 restaurants using factors such as the total volume and ratings of its crowd-sourced reviews. 

Earlier this year, Yelp also released its list of the highest-rated Black-owned vegan (and vegan-friendly) restaurants across the United States.

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