This week, international chain Domino’s added the meatless Unthinkable Pizza to its menu at locations in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The new pizza is topped with plant-based chicken, making Domino’s the first quick-service restaurant to add plant-based protein to its menu in India. “We are delighted to launch India’s first plant protein based product, The Unthinkable Pizza,” Pratik Pota, CEO of Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd—which operates Domino’s in the region—said. “This innovative and 100 percent vegetarian product will allow Indian consumers to experience the plant-protein wave sweeping across the world. Domino’s has always brought pioneering innovations to the Indian market, and we are happy to once again be the first to bring this trend to India.”

The pizza itself is not vegan as it contains dairy cheese, a misstep on Domino’s part according to its social media followers who took to Instagram en masse to ask for a fully vegan option.  

Plant-based at Domino’s worldwide
In September, Domino’s added two fully vegan pizzas at its more than 1,200 locations across the UK and Ireland: The Vegan Vegi Supreme (topped with mushroom, corn, onions, red peppers, and tomatoes); and the Vegan Margherita (topped with a vegan cheese developed in-house by Domino’s). In January, Domino’s UK will offer its first vegan meat options: This Chick-Ain’t Pizza and Southern-fried vegan chicken nuggets. 

In Australia, Domino’s has offered vegan cheese made by United States-based brand Follow Your Heart since 2018. Last year, the chain expanded its already robust vegan options to include three vegan beef-topped pizzas: Beef & Onion, Beef Loaded Burger, and Beef Taco Fiesta and is currently working to add plant-based ham and pepperoni to its menu. 

Stateside, progress at Domino’s has been slow. Last January, the chain’s CEO Richard Allison revealed that the chain has been testing plant-based options internally, stating, “If [plant-based proteins] prove to have consumer appeal and are items we could offer at a good value to the customers and be profitable for the franchisees, and if there is good stable supply for those products, you may see some of them on the Domino’s menu.”