Pizza chain Domino’s is internally testing plant-based topping options, according to Domino’s US CEO Richard Alllison. While Allison did not disclose the progress of those tests or any definitive launch details, he explained the factors behind Domino’s potential decision to follow its competitors in offering options in the plant-based space. “We are testing those things [plant-based foods] today. If they prove to have consumer appeal and are items we could offer at a good value to the customers and be profitable for the franchisees, and if there is good stable supply for those products, you may see some of them on the Domino’s menu,” Allison told Yahoo Finance. “I have personally tried many of the plant-based proteins, and I think the industry is doing a pretty good job today particularly around things that come in the form of crumbles—so think about sausage or beef that you would put on a pizza.” Allisons said that new product launches are scheduled for 2020 but did not disclose if they would include vegan options. In recent years, Domino’s has added vegan options to its menus overseas, including in Australia where it offers a variety of pizzas topped with vegan cheese from American brand Follow Your Heart and plant-based beef it created in-house last year. In October, Pizza Hut—Domino’s biggest competitor in the United States—began testing a vegan sausage topping made by MorningStar Farms at one location in Arizona.