Spanish startup Rollito Vegano recently debuted vegan jamón serrano, a dry-cured ham popular in Spanish culture. Founded by Hugo Del Toro and Alex Oprea, Rollito Vegano focuses on creating vegan versions of Spanish dry-cured meats. A vegan serrano ham called Sinjamón—made from wheat gluten, rice flour, coconut oil, beets, and natural flavorings and colorings—is the brand’s first product to land on supermarket shelves. It is currently available in retailers across Spain, including specialty stores such as Encuentro Vegano and Mi Cabra Vegana in Madrid and Málaga-based online platform Global Natural. 

Sell-out success
The product has been so popular because there is no other widely available vegan version of jamón serrano. The company sold out of its first batch in one day and it has a wait list of hundreds of customers demanding more. “Companies are thanking us for helping them save the month due to Sinjamón’s turnover—it’s been an incentive for the customer to go to the shop and take other products with them,” Del Toro and Oprea told media outlet Vegconomist Español. Rollito Vegano plans to launch other vegan meats in the coming months.

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