Meat giant Tyson Foods is removing eggs from its Raised & Rooted line of products to make it fully plant-based. In 2019, Tyson first launched the line with two products: Nuggets Made with Plants (meatless chicken nuggets that contained egg whites) and The Blend burger patties made mostly with beef and pea protein isolate—a key ingredient in many plant-based meat products. The line has since expanded to include Spicy Nuggets made with Plants and Whole Grain Tenders. “One recent and notable change we are making is to the formula for Raised & Rooted Nugget to eliminate egg whites,” David Ervin, Vice President of Alternative Protein at Tyson, told Foodnavigator-USA. “Moving forward, Raised & Rooted products will not contain any animal products.” The new fully plant-based nuggets are expected to arrive in US stores—including Walmart, Kroger, Target, Safeway, and Costco—this month.  

While Tyson believes that consumers are looking for blended products that combine plant-based protein and animal meat, the company is also discontinuing its The Blend patties to make its entire Raised & Rooted line free from animal products. 

Jack in the Box
In October, Tyson partnered with Jack in the Box to launch The Unchicken Sandwich, the fast-food chain’s first meatless sandwich made with a Raised & Rooted vegan chicken patty. Available at test locations in Nevada and California until December 12 (or while supplies last), the sandwich (served with non-vegan mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato on a vegan bun) is available in Spicy and Classic flavors in both à la carte and combo formats and is priced comparably to its other menu items at $6.99 for the combo option. 

Tyson’s plant-based future?
While Jack in the Box is the first time Raised & Rooted products have appeared on a restaurant menu, Ervin says it won’t be the last. “In the coming year, we look forward to expanding into new product categories and increasing availability through new retail and foodservice partnerships,” Ervin said. “Consumers can expect to see additional plant-based offerings from Raised & Rooted and other established Tyson brands coming to store shelves and quick-service locations in 2021.”