Washington, DC-based vegan Israeli street food eatery Shouk recently added vegan fried chicken to its menu. Fried Shouk’n—available in a pita sandwich, bowl, or nugget form—is a play on the popular classic, fried chicken. The Fried Shouk’n pita or bowl ($11) features crispy oyster mushrooms, green cabbage, pickles, and harissa mayonnaise or classic mayonnaise. The nuggets ($5.50) are served with spicy harissa mayonnaise. Founded by Ran Nussbacher and backed by restaurateur Jessica Boufford, the fast-casual chain opened its first location in DC in 2016 before expanding to a second location. The eatery specializes in all-vegan pita sandwiches, lentil bowls, and salads, complete with cashew-based labneh yogurt dip, schug hot sauce, almond feta, and Arabic coffee with cardamom.

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