This week, KFC launched an innovative commercial for its Vegan Burger in the United Kingdom, aimed to appeal to video gamers. In partnership with gaming agency Kairos Esports, KFC’s commercial is made in the form of a mockumentary that features fictional gamer “Chris” who improves his strength, endurance, and precision by frequently consuming the KFC’s new vegan chicken burger, renamed for the purposes of the mockumentary as the “Esports Performance Burger.” Chris shows off the skills he has gained on a “vegan burger diet,” humorously playing video games with his foot, outplaying up to four of his friends at once, and bragging that he can now play Wii Tennis and table tennis, simultaneously.

“It’s been amazing to see the reception of our new Esports Performance Burger and know that it’s unlocking the potential of our customers and taking their gaming to the next level,” Josh Benge, Brand Engagement Manager at KFC, said. “We can’t wait to see elite level gamers taking to servers the world over and showing off the potential of plant-based performance.” On January 2, KFC added the Quorn-based vegan option to its menu at all 900 UK locations and reported earlier this month that it has since sold one million Vegan Burgers—or one burger every three seconds. Stateside, KFC expanded its vegan Beyond Fried Chicken to nearly 70 new locations on February 3 after an Atlanta test location sold out of the vegan option in less than five hours when it launched during the summer.