On January 2, international chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will add the Vegan Burger to all of its 900 locations across the United Kingdom. The vegan chicken option—which is already being advertised on billboards in the area—will cost £3.99 ($5.24) and will be made with a bespoke Quorn filet coated with the Colonel’s Original Recipe herbs and spices, vegan mayonnaise, and lettuce, and served on a vegan bun. “The Colonel was all about welcoming everyone to his table—now vegans, flexitarians, and our fried chicken fans can all enjoy the taste of our Original Recipe together,” Ira Dubinsky, innovation director at KFC UK and Ireland, said. “We’ve worked hard to perfect the flavor and make a Vegan Burger the Colonel would be proud of. It’s the flavor of KFC, just with zero chicken.” KFC UK began developing the vegan option—then called “Imposter Burger”—last year and worked closely with meatless brand Quorn to perfect the recipe. On June 17, the chain added the vegan burger to its menu at 20 select locations in London, the Midlands, and Bristol in the UK with the intent to test the limited-time option until July 2. However, the vegan burger sold out within four days, pulling in 500 percent more in sales than any other new product launch at KFC. Stateside, KFC tested vegan Beyond Fried Chicken at one Atlanta, GA location on August 26—where it sold out in approximately five hours. In Canada, KFC launched vegan chicken made by Lightlife Foods in November, which sold out in six hours, proving that demand for vegan chicken at KFC is stealthily booming worldwide.

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