Rapper Vince Staples recently partnered with California vegan chain Monty’s Good Burger to promote its “Meat Is Murder” milkshake. For every milkshake sold, the eatery will donate $1 to its Monty & Friends Adoption Fund, which holds animal adoption drives on the last Sunday of every month. “Hey, Vince Staples and Monty here are here to let you know that every dead burger is a dead pet and every dead pet is a dead homie,” Staples said in an Instagram video while holding the eatery’s namesake, Monty the dog. “Come down to Monty’s Good Burger to get the ‘Meat Is Murder’ shake produced by Vince Staples and Monty. A dollar goes to a charity that I forgot so it will be on the description of this video on the internet. Come on down.”

The custom milkshake is made with soy milk, charcoal, and cherries, and is available as an off-menu item until the end of February. In 2019, friends Bill Fold and Nic Adler—Coachella’s culinary director, founder of vegan festival Eat Drink Vegan, and owner of vegan restaurant Nic’s on Beverly—opened the first brick-and-mortar location of Monty’s, which now attracts celebrity clientele at its three locations in Echo Park, Koreatown, and Riverside. Celebrity vegan couple Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara treated themselves to vegan burgers at Monty’s directly following the Oscars on Sunday, where Phoenix delivered a moving, animal-rights centric speech after winning the Oscar for best actor.

Photo Credit: Vince Staples/Facebook