Vegan cheese factory WildCREAMERY just opened in Santa Rosa, CA, a city approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco. Owned by fermented foods brand Wildbrine, the creamery will produce Neo Classic Brie Alternative, a cultured cashew-based vegan brie that VegNews named one of its 11 “Best in Show” vegan products during trade show Natural Products Expo West in 2019. “After last year’s Expo, we knew that our plant-based brie was going to be hugely popular. That realization provided the inspiration for a whole new venture, WildCREAMERY,” Wildbrine co-founder Chris Glab said. “We believe we set ourselves apart in that Wildbrine has always been about making great-tasting, plant-based food, using whole ingredients and taking a culinary approach.” The factory will also produce the company’s newest dairy alternatives, including cream cheese, European Style Butter Alternative, and plant-based dips in Spinach Artichoke, Ranch, French Onion, and Chipotle Lime flavors. Wildbrine’s Neo Classic Brie will be available nationwide in April 2020, with other products to follow.