Southern California pizza chain Fresh Brothers will offer individual pizzas for $3.14 each on March 14—Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (represented numerically as 3.14). The chain offers Daiya Foods vegan cheese and recently launched soy-based vegan pepperoni as part of a Vegan Pepperoni personal pizza that is included in the Pi Day deal. “We’ve been looking for new ways to satisfy the needs of our plant-based fans and we’re ecstatic to be one of the first pizza chains to offer vegan pepperoni that’s tasty and premium,” Fresh Brothers CEO Geoff Goodman said. “As a bonus, we hope people take advantage of our Pi Day deal to try our latest menu offering and see for themselves how great it really is.” For a limited time, the chain will also allow customers to substitute meat-based pepperoni for the new vegan version on any pizza free of charge.

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