Children’s vegan shoe brand Ten Little recently launched in the United States. The PETA-approved vegan shoes are made with PVC- and phthalate-free PU vegan leather, natural and recycled rubber, and cotton. Created by Fatma Collins and Julie Rogers, Ten Little aims to make it easier for parents to find the right shoe size for their children. The founders partnered with American pediatrician Tanya Altmann, MD, and podiatrist Farah Alani, DPM, to design Ten Little’s shoes to support natural development and movement. “Of all our shopping woes, shopping for shoes was the most frustrating,” the two mothers and co-founders said on their website. “Not knowing which shoes would support healthy development and which sizes were right for their little feet, combined with how quickly our kids were growing, made it difficult to keep up.” According to Ten Little, two out of three children wear the wrong shoe size. As a solution, their company created an algorithm that recommends the perfect fit for shoppers’ children and allows them to track childrens’ growth and sends a reminder when it’s time to size up. Collins and Rogers hope to eventually bring other brands onto their platform so parents can purchase all their children’s’ essentials at the right size and stage.

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