This month, Lotus Biscoff launched a new line of cookie sandwiches in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom (at Tesco grocery stores). The new sandwich cookies are available in three flavors (named after their filling components): Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, and Biscoff Cream—the latter of which is denoted as suitable for vegans by Tesco. “The new Sandwich biscuit is the ultimate taste sensation that is sure to go down in biscuit history,” the brand said in a statement. “The Lotus Biscoff Cream has the same unique, unmatched flavor and satisfying crunch of the Lotus Biscoff biscuit, but is circular in shape and packed with a delicious layer of Lotus Biscoff cream.” 

Lotus Biscoff may also launch the sandwich cookies in the United States this week according to Instagrammer and snack fanatic @Markie_Devo, who reportedly learned from a Walmart employee that the retail chain will exclusively offer the new line for $1.98 per pack of 15 cookies each.

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