Vegan nutrition brand Koia recently launched its Koia Kares program to support healthcare and frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand was scheduled to launch two new vegan shake flavors—Keto Cookies ‘n Cream and Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter—prior to the pandemic and pivoted to use its inventory to serve those in need, thus far donating more than 14,000 of its vegan nutrition drinks. Through its partnership with Founders Give, an organization utilizing the food and beverage industry, the brand supplied 4,464 bottles to New York City healthcare workers. 

“Our brave and dedicated healthcare professionals are working around the clock. Tired, worn down, and no time to take care of themselves, they need a lifeline and someone to care for them too, which is why it was important we did our part by offering fast, easy, and convenient nutrition,” Koia Co-Founder and CEO Chris Hunter told VegNews. “Koia and other companies like us are uniquely positioned to offer health and wellness resources to people. It only made sense we use those resources in the areas it was needed most.” 

The brand also partnered with United in Movement to support its efforts of helping others affected by the pandemic, including small businesses, gyms, and other humanitarian efforts, which has raised more than $238,000 to date. 

Koia’s plant-based nutrition shakes are available in flavors such as Coconut Almond, Cinnamon Horchata, and Chocolate Banana, at major retailers nationwide, including Target, Publix, and Whole Foods Market.