Last week, yoga studio Bluebirds Yoga in Amsterdam transformed into a vegan ice cream shop—a pivot that allows the business to operate under current restrictions imposed by the local government due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The shop now offers a variety of vegan sorbet and ice cream flavors—such as Chocolate, Stracciatella, and Banana Pecan Caramel—which change depending on what ingredients are locally available. Bluebirds plans to operate its vegan ice cream shop throughout the summer and hopes to open the yoga studio portion in September when fitness businesses are allowed to reopen. 

Another Amsterdam business, waterfront restaurant Mediamatic ETEN, is planning a unique pivot this summer. In June, the eatery plans to reopen with four-course plant-based meals served atop long wooden planks to diners in individual greenhouses as a way to enforce social distancing.

Photo Credit: Bluebirds