Chiang Mai-based vegan startup Let’s Plant Meat (LPM) recently launched its first product, plant-based burger patties, at major grocery stores across Thailand. The patties cost $2.30 each and are made from non-GMO soy, rice, coconuts, and beets. “Chiang Mai made the list of the world’s worst air quality during the annual crop burning season; the burning largely came from fields growing corn to feed livestock,” LPM CEO Smith Taweelerdniti said. “For as long as we continue to consume meat, the air we breathe will continue to be polluted. What if we can provide consumers with a product that is just as tasty, but is environmentally friendly?” 

After tasting an expensive imported plant-based burger, Taweelerdniti made the decision to offer the LPM’s version at an affordable price-point to appeal to Thai consumers. “The burger taste was nice, but I was shocked at the price of 150 baht ($4.60) per patty; how would a Thai consumer be able to afford that?” Taweelerdniti said. “My team and I started to do research on a meat alternative made from plants that would be both delicious and affordable.”

The company plans to expand its product portfolio to include ground meat, sausages, and skewer meat and aims to begin exporting its vegan meats in 2020.

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