This month, chocolate brand Endangered Species is launching the plant-based milk chocolate chips at Whole Foods Markets and additional retailers nationwide. The Oat Milk + Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips are made from gluten-free oats and 55-percent cocoa and contain half the sugar of standard baking chips. 

“When we launched the Oat Milk Chocolate Bars earlier this year, the consumer response was overwhelmingly positive to the dairy-free alternative,” Whitney Bembenick, Endangered Species Director of Marketing and Innovation, said. “Customers love the lower sugar content and the sweet, creamy taste that oat milk brings to the table, and with no ingredient substitutes in any of our products, it is by far the better-for-you alternative. We wanted to replicate these benefits found in the oat milk chocolate bars and bring them to the baking aisle to change baked goods for the better.”

Endangered Species’ Oat Milk Chocolate Bar line—which it launched in January— has been the most successful new product launch in the company’s history.