This week, candy brand Mars released a vegan oat milk beverage inspired by its iconic Mars chocolate bars in the United Kingdom. The Mars Oat Drink is available at ASDA stores and is made with oat milk, a hint of caramel, and chocolate. The drink is certified free from animal products by The Vegan Society.

Last year, Mars debuted the vegan Galaxy line of chocolate bars in Smooth Orange, Caramel & Sea Salt, and Caramelized Hazelnut flavors. Mars’ spent six months developing its first vegan formulation of milk chocolate bars, made with hazelnut paste and rice syrup instead of dairy. The Mars brand also offers vegan oat milk-based Galaxy beverages and vegan Bounty-inspired (another candy bar) drinks made from coconut milk.

“The brand has demonstrated that dairy is not necessary to make great tasting chocolate, and that people can still enjoy their favourites without the use of animals,” Abigail Stevens, the Trademark Marketing Manager at The Vegan Society, said.

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