What’s better than a generous scoop of vegan ice cream? A generous scoop of vegan ice cream between two cookies. Whether you prefer the classic vanilla-meets-chocolate sammie or the It’s-It-style soft chocolate chip sandwich, these sweet handholds are summertime staples. There are more dairy-free options on the market than ever before, so take a break from the pint and stock up on your new favorite frozen novelty treat. 

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1. Coolhaus
Craving variety? Coolhaus has you covered. Whole Foods—among other grocers—carries the spectrum of dairy-free sammie flavors including Tahitian Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Dirty Mint Chip, Cookie Dough Lyfe, and Horchata. The creamy ice cream base is made with a blend of brown rice flour and pea proteins—plus flavorings such as cinnamon or vanilla paste. These taste just like you ordered a custom-made scoop shop sammie. 

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2. Coconut Bliss
Tofutti may have been the original vegan ice cream sandwich, but Coconut Bliss stepped it up a notch when it debuted its Tollhouse-inspired chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches in 2017. The soft chocolate-studded cookie is gluten-free and hemp-based, making it ideal for anyone with food sensitivities. We’re torn between the organic vanilla and the dark chocolate—both are equally addictive. 

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3. Jolly Llama
What began as a sorbet-based fruit pop company has expanded into more indulgent coconut cream-based novelties. Offered in vanilla and mint chocolate chip, these gluten-free square sammies are so thick, we seriously considered eating them with a knife and fork. In addition to ice cream sandwiches, the Jolly Llama is also cranking out iconic dairy-free ice cream sundae cones. We’ll take a box of each in every flavor. 

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4. So Delicious
In the great debate over which plant milk makes the best ice cream, So Delicious plays on both sides. The non-dairy company offers both coconut milk and almond milk varieties of their classic vanilla bean and chocolate wafer sandwiches. Buy a box of each and conduct an at-home taste test to decide for yourself which milk reigns supreme. 

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5. Tofutti Cuties
Before there was NadaMoo, non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s, or vegan options at your local scoop shop, there was Tofutti Cuties. These snack-sized sweets are the OG of non-dairy novelties. Lately, we’ve been getting creative with Cuties. Try sandwiching two together with a schmear of peanut butter or making an ice cream sammie sundae by topping two roughly chopped Cuties with vegan whip, hot fudge, caramel sauce, chopped nuts, and a cherry! And don’t forget—they come in more than just vanilla. The chocolate and mint flavors are exceptional.  

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6. Alden’s Organic
When dairy-based companies switch gears and create vegan options, the result is remarkably delicious. After digging a spoon into pints of Aldens’ new dairy-free flavors such as Muddy Brownie and Caramel Almond Crunch, we discovered these vanilla bean speckled sammies. Keep your eye on the frozen aisle as the weather turns colder—Alden’s has a fall-flavored vegan ice cream sandwich that you’ll crave year-round. 

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and runner living in Orange County, CA.

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