Grocery delivery platform Instacart reports that searches for dairy-free and plant-based ice cream are on the rise. In its recent trend report, Instacart found that searches for “dairy-free ice cream” had increased by 25 percent and those for “plant-based ice cream” had increased by 658 percent this year as compared to last. Instacart differentiates between “dairy-free” and “plant-based” ice cream, defining the latter as ice cream formulated with vegetable- and fruit-forward ingredients. According to Instacart, the five animal-free ice creams gaining traction on its platform are Chloe’s Pops, Magnum’s dairy-free line, Enlightened, Hakuna Banana, and Cado. Both avocado-based ice cream Cado and banana-based Hakuna Banana have experienced a 122 percent and 117 percent increase in sales on Instacart, respectively, over the last year. 

Instacart’s report echoes trends recently identified by other delivery platforms. In the last six months, Doordash reported a 433-percent increase in vegan burger orders and Grubhub  revealed that plant-based food orders increased by 135 percent.

Photo Credit: Hakuna Banana

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