Famed chocolatier Oded Brenner—founder of international chocolate restaurant chain Max Brenner—has launched a vegan 100-percent Cacao Hazelnut Butter as part of his new cacao wellness brand Blue Stripes. In addition to vegan nutella, Blue Stripes’ all-vegan consumer product line features cacao water in three flavors (Just Cacao; Cascara Coffee and Cinnamon; and Chili, Lime, and Cardamom), Superfood Cacao Shell Flour Bread Mix, Cacao Fruit Sugar, Keto Dessert Bites and Energy Snack, and Cacao Espresso. Brenner’s mission for Blue Stripes is to make use of the whole cacao—shell, fruit, beans—and promote holistic wellness through everyday products. 

“I am thrilled to finally share Blue Stripes, an urban cacao wellness brand, with the world and showcase the diversity of the whole cacao fruit,” Blue Stripes founder Oded Brenner said. “Typically, purveyors waste 70 percent of the fruit, however, each of our Blue Stripes products uses everything from the beans to the shell and the fruit, utilizing every aspect of the crop to sustainably create delicious innovations—benefitting the consumer, farmer, and the planet.”

The Blue Stripes product line is available for purchase online and at select New York City retailers.

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