Today, materials science company PANGAIA launched a zero-waste vegan sneaker made from grape leather repurposed from the Italian wine industry’s waste. Each year, the global wine industry produces 26 billion liters of wine, which generates 6.5 billion liters of waste. PANGAIA decided to make use of that waste (grape stalks, skins, and seeds) by turning it into an environmentally friendly leather alternative. Made by a local family factory in Italy, the new PANGAIA sneaker features an upper, lining, and insole made from grape leather, a 100-percent recycled rubber sole created from industrial waste, bio-based water glue, and natural cotton laces with 100-percent recycled plastic ends. The sneaker is available in black or white and features an orthopedic design for increased support of the foot’s inner arch. It is also lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for walking or jogging. The sneaker retails for $245 and is available for pre-order on the PANGAIA website.

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