On January 18, United Kingdom-based vegan chain Halo Burger will launch the MockMuffin, a bulked-up vegan version of McDonald’s popular breakfast sandwich. The new limited-time option was created to celebrate Veganuary and features crispy bacon created by British vegan brand THIS, a plant-based sausage patty topped with American-style cheese, caramelized onions, a crispy hash brown patty, vegan Crack’d egg, and ketchup .“We are super excited to launch this first of its kind 100-percent plant-based ‘MockMuffin,’” Halo Burger Founder Ross Forder said. “This take on a nostalgic classic tastes just like the real deal and will help any Veganuary virgin smash the rest of their meat-free month.”

Halo Burger opened its first location in 2018 and now operates three locations in Shoreditch, Brighton, and Brixton, where the MockMuffin sandwich is available for pick up and delivery (through UberEats and Deliveroo) until January 31. 

Vegan at McDonald’s
While the McMuffin copycat is only available at Halo Burger, McDonald’s is currently working on launching vegan options through its newly announced McPlant platform, starting with a McPlant burger as early as this year. Under its platform, the international chain aims to develop additional plant-based options, including chicken-substitutes and breakfast sandwiches. McDonald’s has yet to disclose the locations of upcoming McPlant launches.

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