Black-owned company Legacy Cereal is set to launch its inaugural product, Proud Puffs breakfast cereal, later this spring. A vegan, low-sugar breakfast cereal made with real cocoa, tapioca, and sweetened with monk fruit, Proud Puffs features chocolate-flavored empowerment fist-shaped puffs. 

Founded by Nic King in December 2020, Legacy Cereal is committed to developing plant-based, health-conscious breakfast and food products. “[The products] I’m building are meant to be culturally impactful in a positive sense,” King told VegNews. “I don’t want to contribute to high sugar content, diabetes, and similar things that plague the United States.” Additional vegan, health-conscious cereal flavors and bars are also in development.

Building a legacy with vegan cereal

Dubbed “cereal for the culture” by fans, Proud Puffs’ packaging features King’s family enjoying the new cereal, an affirmation word search puzzle to help kids think and speak positively about themselves, and a list of 20 influential Black figures such as boxer Muhammad Ali and pilot Bessie Coleman. “I’ve been about generational wealth and legacy building since I was 20. Prior to my son being born, I always said, ‘I have 18 years to give him a better life than I had,’” King said. “When building out the brand, [calling it] Legacy Cereal made sense.” Representation is another driving factor for King. “Society has been talking about representation and about ownership, something that wasn’t really done before,” King said. “Even [for] me, being the first Black-owned cereal company, that plays a big part.”

Committed to empowering and uplifting Black, brown, and marginalized communities, Legacy Cereal’s Operation Love initiative is working with farms and grocers nationwide to help combat food insecurity and provide healthy alternatives to those living in food deserts. 

Proud Puffs are expected to begin shipping April 1 and are available for pre-order via crowdfunding site Fund Black Founders for $8 per box.