Gurgaon, India-based vegan food startup Piperleaf recently launched vegan milk chocolate products. The line features Vegan Mylk Chocolate bars in three flavors: Mixed Seeds, Fruit & Nut, and Classic. The chocolate is made with unrefined raw sugar, cocoa butter, hazelnut paste, cocoa mass, cashew nut paste, and natural cocoa powder. Piperleaf also offers two dark chocolate bars.

“Generally, there are so many options of vegan dark chocolates available in the Indian market; however, it is very difficult to find a vegan mylk chocolate due to which people are used to buying normal dairy-based milk chocolates,” Piperleaf founder Anshul Agarewal told VegNews. “So we have decided to take a small step towards introducing vegan mylk chocolate range along with dark chocolates as our very first products.”

Piperleaf was founded in 2020 with a mission to create and introduce vegan food products to help consumers in India make a smooth and easy transition away from animal products. The startup hopes to launch other vegan products such as dairy alternatives and plant-based proteins.

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