This month, California-based brand Renegade Foods launched Renegade Nation, a subscription service where members will receive shipments of vegan salami and other perks. The service will send members Renegade’s original three salami flavors: smoked Calabrian-style Soppressata, sweet Italian Toscana, and spicy Spanish-style Chorizo. Renegade Nation does not charge a member fee and subscribers can choose a pack ($39.99)—either a sampler of all three flavors or a three-pack of one flavor—to be delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis. In addition, members will receive free gourmet seasoning blends and a seasonal salami offering, starting with Renegade’s Spring Salami which is infused with rosemary and citrus zest. 

“The response to our seasonal salamis has been tremendous and the demand for our Winter Salami (made with roasted garlic and warming spices) was so strong that our chefs couldn’t make it fast enough,” Iona Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Renegade Foods, said. “With the highly anticipated launch of our Spanish rosemary and citrus zest Spring Salami, we wanted to ensure that our most loyal supporters have first access to our premium small-batch products.”

Vegan charcuterie for all

Campbell and Co-Founder Kalie Marder spent 10 years developing vegan versions of smoked meats they encountered while living abroad in Europe. In August 2020, the duo launched their first three seitan-based salamis, which are chef-crafted in Sonoma Wine Country, on Renegade’s online marketplace with pairing suggestions such as Miyoko’s vegan cheeses, crusty breads, and vegan wine. With the launch of the Renegade Nation subscription service, the company aims to expand the reach of its vegan salami to give consumers more planet- and animal-friendly charcuterie choices. 

“Renegade Nation isn’t just about the food, it’s about having a positive impact on our planet and all animals that call it home,” Campbell said. “So many incredible people have supported us along our journey to a more compassionate lifestyle and we want to share this community with everyone inspired (and hungry) to make a difference.”

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