800 Sets of Vegan Frosting Sell in 10 Minutes on QVC

Home-shoppers snatch up Dollop Gourmet’s vegan frostings made by Cupcake Wars winner and author Heather Saffer.


Entrepreneur Heather Saffer recently appeared on home-shopping channel QVC to sell sets ($39.50) of Dollop Gourmet’s vegan frosting. During the segment—which lasted less than 10 minutes—Saffer sold approximately 800 sets that included flavors Hot Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and Sea Salt Caramel. In 2012, Saffer decided to develop a frosting brand after winning Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and received $75,000 in funding, in exchange for 25 percent of the business, in 2016 from investor Barbara Corcoran on reality competition Shark Tank. Saffer has written two cookbooks: a non-vegan book The Dollop Book of Frosting published in 2013 and this year’s Crazy Easy Vegan Desserts.

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