Mena Massoud, who plays Aladdin in the upcoming Disney live-action remake of Aladdin, has launched an Evolving Vegan brand that includes a lifestyle book, an IGTV travel series, and an apparel line. Massoud, a 27-year-old Canadian actor who has been vegan for three years, created the brand to inspire others to evolve toward a plant-based lifestyle, and to bridge the divide he feels is apparent for those in transition. “When I first started living a plant-based lifestyle, I noticed a considerable divide between vegans and everyone else,” Massoud told VegNews. “It’s a difficult thing, changing the way you eat, and I felt as though vegans didn’t care to share their knowledge or experience with those who weren’t fully willing to commit immediately. Evolving Vegan is about encouraging everyone to evolve and turn to a plant-based lifestyle, even if it’s for one day of the week.” Evolving Vegan’s first project is a lifestyle book—which will be published spring 2019—based on Massoud’s travels across North America that highlights plant-based chefs and restaurants. Massoud is also sharing his experiences via Instagram along the way. Future project ideas include an international vegan tour and book, and a TV series outside IGTV. “I’ve thought for a while that Evolving Vegan and Vice could have a really strong collaboration together,” Massoud said.

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