Las Vegas-based vegan eatery VeggiEat Xpress recently launched a limited-time offer of all-you-can-eat vegan sushi. Once only available on weekends, the restaurant now serves an array of plant-based sushi and is hosting the event to promote its sushi to diners before it expands to a second location in May. “We would like to provide this opportunity to allow new customers and sushi lovers to try all our creations with this offer,” General Manager Victoria Plourde told local media outlet Vegans, Baby. Unlimited options include vegetable-topped nigiri, hand rolls, and cut rolls (such as a veganized spider roll made with spinach, meatless crab, and vegan masago eel sauce). Diners can also choose one specialty roll such as the Japanese lasagna roll which is filled with a California-roll mixture, cream cheese, and avocado, and topped with a spicy “Screaming O” sauce. To participate in the experience, diners must purchase a voucher ($28.75) in advance (vouchers cannot be redeemed on the day of purchase) and redeem it before June 13.

Photo credit: Vegans, Baby

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