Americans Find Plants as Meaty as Animals

A new survey reveals that 65 percent of people find plant protein as hearty and satisfying as meat products.


A new survey conducted by research firm ORC International—on behalf of meat alternatives company Lightlife—uncovered poignant statistics about consumer attitudes toward plant-based protein. The study consisted of 1,047 participants over the age of 18 that filled out a quantitative survey in December 2016. A majority of respondents (65 percent) believed plant-based foods were just as “hearty and satisfying” as animal products. Furthermore, 72 percent of participants agreed that plants are a source of complete protein, 87 percent admitted to eating plant protein regularly, and 40 percent expressed that they wanted to see more plant-based protein innovation in the snack category. The survey found that millennials are more likely than Generation X participants to reduce animal protein consumption in the future, with 26 percent committing to actively reducing animal consumption in 2017. “It’s an exciting time to be innovating in this category with such a growing appreciation—and appetite—for plant-based foods,” Lightlife CEO Roy Lubetkin said. Lightlife has been a vegetarian company since its inception in 1979 and, following its recent acquisition by Canada-based meat company Maple Leaf Foods, has committed to veganizing its entire product line by the end of 2017.

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