Animal activist Gene Baur—author and founder of farmed animal rescue organization Farm Sanctuary—appeared on a recent episode of Fox News’ “Tucker Takes On …” entitled “Tucker vs. Veganism.” During the episode, host Tucker Carlson debated the merits of veganism with Baur in his usual, critical tone. Carlson revealed that he enjoys burrata, but does not urge others to eat the cheese variety, and asked Baur why he advocates veganism to others. “Well, I’m actually not telling other people what they must and must not eat,” Baur responded. “I just want people to think more about their food choices and recognize the consequences of those, and also to recognize that not eating animals is actually an option we have.” Baur explained that while humans have been socialized to think eating meat is crucial for protein intake, many individuals thrive on a plant-based diet. “I don’t think it’s a crazy idea,” Carlson said. “I love animals and I don’t like the way factory farms treat animals, so I’m kind of sympathetic to what you’re saying.” Baur further explained the cruelty inherent in the dairy and veal industries, responded poignantly to Carlson’s questions about the dog-meat trade in China, and prompted a discussion about meat company Tyson. “I hope other conservatives would pause and think about it,” Carlson said. “I think a lot of them would agree. They have been trained in some ways to defend Tyson; we shouldn’t defend Tyson.” Carlson admitted that while he was skeptical of Baur prior to speaking with him about veganism, the activist had helped him understand the moral reasoning behind abstaining from animal products. “I have to say, I started this segment thinking ‘this guy is probably crazy,’” Carlson concluded. “But I think you’re actually reasonable and thoughtful, and I don’t agree with everything you’ve said, but I appreciate you coming on tonight.”

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