Avengers Star Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Vegan

The British actor discussed his commitment to veganism in interviews promoting the new Avengers: Infinity War film.


Actor Benedict Cumberbatch—who currently stars as superhero “Dr. Strange” in blockbuster film Avengers: Infinity War—discussed his vegan lifestyle in three recent interviews. In an interview with Time Out London, Cumberbatch was asked if he had to eat “anything gross like egg whites” to stay in shape for the movie. “No, no—well,” Cumberbatch responded, “I eat a plant-based diet.” In a separate interview, young YouTube star Sophia Grace asked Cumberbatch if he liked UK-based food chain Nando’s, to which he replied, “Well, only if they’ve got vegan options.” In a third interview promoting the new film, Cumberbatch was asked about eating the local food in Singapore, to which he responded “as much as a vegan can.” Cumberbatch also has a history of supporting ethical vegan fashion, and appeared on a 2016 cover of British GQ wearing vegan boots and a suit made of “future wool” from Brave GentleMan, the world’s first all-vegan luxury menswear brand. Cumberbatch joins a growing number of celebrities that are choosing to live cruelty-free, including newly vegan The Walking Dead star Austin Amelio.

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