Dirty Vegan—the first vegan cooking show on BBC—aired on BBC Wales this week, prompting the network to consider future vegan-themed programming. Hosted by MTV personality Mathew Pritchard, the first episode of Dirty Vegan focused on a plant-based banquet the stuntman-turned-vegan-chef prepared for a women’s rugby team, and next week’s show will highlight vegan cakes Pritchard will bake for the Glamorgan branch of Women’s Institute. Following the positive response to Dirty Vegan, a BBC spokesperson teased that “a couple of projects on veganism in development, looking at its environmental impact as well as those who choose veganism for health reasons.” While Dirty Vegan is currently only airing in Wales, Pritchard revealed that a United Kingdom-wide expansion is in development. A companion cookbook to the show debuted on December 27.

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