Vegan chef and endurance athlete Matthew Pritchard recently completed an athletic feat consisting of a 24-mile swim, 1,120-mile bike ride, and a 262-mile run—which is effectively 10 Ironman challenges—in approximately 10 days. Sponsored by United Kingdom-based frozen pizza company One Planet Pizza, the challenge was meant to raise money for non-profit group The Sound of Animals, which rescues dogs from the dog-meat trade in Cambodia and Thailand. “It’s basically 10 Ironman distance triathlons,” Pritchard told media outlet Vegconomist. “I managed to finish it in 248 hours. It’s important to me as it’s what I love doing, and it’s also important to me to show others that just because I’m on a vegan diet it doesn’t make me weak, so sends out an important message.” Pritchard is known as the star of MTV stunt show Dirty Sanchez and his own YouTube cooking series. Earlier this year, he hosted vegan cooking show The Dirty Vegan on British television station BBC and released a cookbook of the same name. Season 2 of The Dirty Vegan is scheduled to air in January 2020. 

Photo credit: John Noel Management 

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