Belgian Designer Debuts Lettuce Sandals

Rombaut’s green lettuce-inspired pool slides mean you can eat your greens and wear them, too. 

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Parisian vegan designer Mats Rombaut, founder of shoe brand Rombaut, debuted the most vegan shoes ever made this week. Only 50 pairs of limited-edition Lettuce Sliders ($122)—that are packaged similarly to lettuce messaging that states, “thoroughly washed and ready to wear”—are available for pre-order and will ship by the end of October. “I wanted to communicate that the brand was vegan,” Rombaut told Vogue. “We made these sculptures out of vegetables and we were placing these posters around Paris and as an invitation for the showroom. Ever since, I have been doing that. I always wanted to make them real so you could actually wear them.” Rombaut partnered with designer PZ to create a purple cabbage version of the sandal, which sold out in one day on October 1.

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